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The planning authority for Hartwell is South Northants Council (SNC). It is their job to process all planning applications. Hartwell Parish Council is asked by SNC for its views on all planning applications affecting the parish. The Parish Council does not have any powers to accept or reject applications, but its views are considered when the application is determined by the relevant authority.

SNC maintains an on-line register of all planning applications submitted since 1974. The register includes a brief description of the proposal, the address of the site, and the status of the application including decision notices.

You can find the SNC planning register at: http://snc.planning-register.co.uk/

Paper copies of planning applications can be viewed locally by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Planning Applications are normally discussed by the Hartwell Parish Council Executive Planning Committee on the second Thursday of each month. (The Executive Planning Committee (EPC) consists of up to five Parish Councillors as voting members with three members constituting a quorum.)

Details of all meetings are displayed on the Parish Council notice boards and on the Council Calendar on this site at least three working days prior to the meeting.

The process;

  • Applications for less than four dwellings

Planning applications received by the Parish Clerk from the Planning Case Officer are notified to all Parish Councillors and circulated to members of the EPC for their consideration.

The Clerk sends letters to neighbours, who the Planning Case Officer has written to about the application and to the person who is making the application. This letter informs the recipient that the EPC will be meeting to discuss the application and inviting any comments they may have.

Parishioners and applicants' views are important and are taken very seriously by Parish Councillors when they look at planning applications. Comments are welcomed, whether in support of or opposition to a particular planning application. However, whilst the Committee takes into consideration any comments made these may not necessarily be reflected in their response to South Northants Council. The meetings are held so that the EPC can canvas opinions both for and against applications so as to assist with fair determination.

Once considered, the EPC agrees a form of words for submission by the Clerk to the Planning Case Officer and an oral report is given at the next full Parish Council.

  • Applications of four or more dwellings.

For applications of four or more dwellings the Parish Council has a policy that a consultation is arranged to allow all residents to view the plans.

On receiving an application from SNC the Parish Clerk circulates this information to all Parish Councillors for consideration at the next full Parish Council meeting.

  • Controversial planning applications.

Any applications that are considered to be controversial will be referred to all Parish Councillors and a consultation with residents will be considered where appropriate.

Note: The Parish Council urges those with whom it consults, to respond directly to SNC whether or not they decide to liaise with the Parish Council.

All planning applications, the responses and eventual outcomes appear in the minutes of the EPC meetings.