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Statement regarding the cemetery

Posted: Sat, 07 Oct 2017 12:24 by Lynn Lavender

The Cemetery regulations have been agreed and adopted as drafted as of 7 September 2017. The previous regulations were misleading, difficult to interpret and were not always being adhered to. The regulation regarding memorials on grave plots was actually an existing regulation which over the years had been let slide. It was not a new regulation. It is to be hoped that these updated regulations will make it much clearer for everyone to understand and comply with. The Parish Council are mindful that enforcing the previous regulations has caused some distress for which we are sorry.

Having taken note of the upset that enforcing this regulation regarding memorials is causing Parish Councillors are considering making an amendment to the previously agreed regulations, to the effect that grave owners will be permitted to place personal items and memorials on a one foot strip immediately in front of the headstone or in the normal headstone position. Although no new grave surrounds are being allowed, those plots that have existing authorised surrounds, will be permitted to place such personal items or memorials ,as stated above, in an area of their choosing, that is no larger than 1' x 2'10" , (2' 10" being the maximum width we allow for headstones) within the borders of the surround. Grave owners are asked to adhere to this rule so as to enable maintenance of the grass areas to take place without risk of damaging any personal items."

Additionally, at the Parish Council Meeting to be held on 12th October Councillors will be considering the setting up of a Friends of the Cemetery Group to see what more can be done to enhance the appearance and running of the cemetery since the refurbishments took place and to help with its general maintenance. Anyone interested in being part of this Group should contact either the Parish Clerk or myself to express an interest or come along to the meeting.

Councillor Deborah Barker

Chairman for Hartwell Parish Council

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