Hartwell Parish Council

Serving the people of Hartwell

Hartwell Church

Clerk: Lynn Lavender

Local History

During the Middle Ages the hamlet of Hartwell was to the south of the current village

on the site of present day Chapel Farm. Up to the 1600s there were several

scattered settlements in the area, concentrated around Chapel farm. These included

The Elms, Hartwell End and Carriers Green. The original hamlet was deserted by the

seventeenth century. What we know as Hartwell today was beginning to expand

along Park Road, Lower End and Forest Road as far as School Lane.

There is an entry for Hartwell in the Domesday Book. It is under the heading Hertewelle.

More recent information about the history of Hartwell can be found in the Hartwell Parish Appraisal 2000.

Further information can be found in the Hartwell Parish Plan 2012.

There are links for both Hartwell documents below.

  • Parish 2000 Appraisal (PDF, 9.3 Mb)

    Parish 2000 appraisal document published by Hartwell Parish Council 1993

  • Parish Plan 2012 (PDF, 2.4 Mb)

    Hartwell 2012- a Parish Plan was published by Hartwell Parish Plan steering group in 2012