Hartwell Parish Council

Serving the people of Hartwell

Hartwell Church

Clerk: Amy Holt
6 Dent Close, St. Crispins
Northampton, Northamptonshire

Here are some recently asked questions

Will our Council Tax fall Why is nothing simple? Unfortunately the answer isn't. Your Council Tax is made up of 4 elements -

  • Northants County
  • South Northants District
  • Northants Police
  • Parish (i.e. us).

The first three elements are the same across the county, that is, every household pays the same amount in each band. Those three authorities control how much that is.
The Parish part is called the Precept and that is controlled by Hartwell Parish Council. For a number of years this has remained relatively flat. This year Hartwell Parish council are spending some reserves to make improvement to facilities in the village.

Our roads are full of pot holes.. These are the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council (highways). These issues should be reported using 'Street Doctor' (see the link on the border to the right of this page). Hartwell Parish council work with Highways to ensure the worse pot holes are also highlighted and dealt with as a priority using highways limited budget to repair them.