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Hartwell Cemetery was established in 1991. It is owned and administered by Hartwell Parish Council.

The Cemetery received its first burial in 1992, 40 years after the need for a new cemetery was first identified because of a shortage of grave space in the cemetery surrounding St John the Baptist church. By the late 1980s the protracted negotiations were finally concluded. The Parish Council bought a field from the church authorities in what was then called Ashwood Lane (since renamed Rowley Wood Lane). About a third of the field became the new cemetery. A new road was laid from Ashton Road to the cemetery entrance and gates and landscaping, substantially the same as seen today, undertaken. The cemetery's attractive environment today is a tribute to the planning done 30 years ago. Mature trees include birch, beech, cherry, white beam, lime and sweet chestnut while benches allow visitors a place for quiet remembrance. In spring wildflowers bloom under the hedges.

The remainder of the land bought by the Parish Council in 1989 was used for grazing until in 2007 work began on the Pocket Park now called Ashwood Acre. The park's fruiting thicket of trees, planted beyond the northern boundary of the cemetery, adds a further attractive dimension to the cemetery's surroundings with spring blossom and autumn berries.

Information about eligibility, applying to reserve a plot or install a memorial, regulations and fees can be found in the documents below.

Please contact the Parish Clerk to discuss your requirements - clerk@hartwellparishcouncil.gov.uk or 07791000095

Hartwell Cemetery, Rowley Wood Lane, Hartwell, Northampton, NN7 2HB

For information: Rowley Wood Lane is private property and no parking along this Lane is permitted. Please use the cemetery car park (please note the gates open outwards)