Hartwell Parish Council

Serving the people of Hartwell

Hartwell Church

Clerk: Lynn Lavender


There are two ways for people to advertise in Hartwell.

  • To advertise events

There are four Parish Council notice boards in the village. These are situated in Stoneway at the junction with Forest Road; School Lane at the junction with Forest Road; Ashton Road opposite the church and in Park Road at the junction with Blacksmiths Way. Posters should be no bigger than A5. For further information please contact Hartwell Parish Clerk.

Please note that Parish Council notices will take precedence over other information.

Fly Posting is illegal and the Parish Council has the power to remove any offending item.

  • To advertise your business

Hartbeat is the village magazine. It is produced twice a year. It brings together a lot of useful information, articles from village groups and traders' adverts. For further information please see the attachment below.