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33/33A Bus Service (Roade)

33/33A Bus Service (Roade)

Please see below an update from Northants County Council Bus and Rail department regarding the 33/33A Bus Service.

As you will recall, in 2018 NCC withdrew all of its funding for local bus services in the County and as a consequence many communities are now without a bus service. Fortunately, in some instances we were able to put together a package involving local contributions, developer contributions or other third-party funding to maintain a service past the end date and service 33/33A was one such service. More »

A package was put together involving section 106 developer contributions in Roade, match-funded out of the County Council's Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) from the Department for Transport. Thanks to this and our close working relationship with colleagues at Milton Keynes Council, we were able to maintain service 33/33A on a largely unreduced timetable where many areas saw a reduction in service even where we could preserve some local bus provision.

I am now pleased to be able to confirm that a package has been agreed for the coming financial year. The section 106 funding currently being spent on service 33/33A will be exhausted early in the new financial year, however an additional similar funding source in Roade is now available and will be spent on the service for the coming financial year. This allows a service to continue to be provided to High Street, Hartwell Road and Ashton Road in Roade where there is currently no alternative service, as well as Ashton, Hartwell and Quinton.

Unfortunately this can no longer be at the hourly level of service that we have provided for several years. This is because of a mutual need for efficiency by both NCC and Milton Keynes Council. However the service will now run every 90-120 minutes through most of the day, albeit with a gap between 1500 and 1740. A full timetable will available shortly once it is registered by the new operator. This will be Arriva, a major operator with a large depot in Wolverton, following a procurement process by MKC.

Despite this reduction in frequency, we have ensured that key journeys will still be provided. For example, there will be a bus from these villages arriving in Northampton at approximately 0820 and again at approximately 1010 (this journey having departed Hartwell just after 0930 when free bus passes are available). There will be a journey leaving Northampton at 1740 for workers, with regular journeys in between.

As a consequence of the reduced frequency, all services (be they numbered 33 or 33A) will divert to serve Quinton.

Between Quinton, Wootton and Northampton, all services will now be rerouted directly from Queen Eleanor via London Road to terminate in Northampton town centre.

These changes all take effect from Thursday 1st April, 2021.

This has the potential to be a multi-year agreement, but this is subject to the continued receipt of Government grants which are supporting local bus services during the ongoing pandemic and the continued availability of the section 106 and BSOG funding. Ultimately, whilst officers in the Bus and Rail Team continue to work positively to provide bus services where we can, it is impossible to completely guarantee the future of the service on more than a year-to-year basis without a dedicated revenue support budget for bus services. This matter is one that West Northamptonshire Council will need to consider in due course, and the provision of a support budget for bus services would bring a great deal more certainty to this service in the medium-long term. » Less

Posted: Mon, 01 Mar 2021 20:02 by Deputy Clerk

Census 2021

Census 2021

Next week all households in the UK will receive a Purple Postcard reminding them that Census 2021 is on its way. Below is information regarding Census and what it is.

Every ten years the census takes place in England and Wales, providing insight into the people who live across the country and what their lives are like. This year, census day is on Sunday 21 March. You may already have seen advertisements on the TV, in newspapers and social media. More »

What is the census?

The census is a series of questions that gives a data picture of British society and this year it will give future generations a fascinating insight into how we lived during the coronavirus pandemic.

But, more importantly, it helps the government plan and fund services in local communities. The responses might highlight a need for a new school, increased health care facilities or other services in your area.

How does it work?

Next week (from 22 February) every house will be sent a Purple Postcard in the post to remind everyone that the census is on its way.

The following week every house will be sent an Information Pack. This will contain a unique code which will give access to the census form online using any device. The Pack will also explain how to complete the census and how to get help if anyone needs it.

If someone doesn't want to complete the census themself, a family member or a trusted person can do it on their behalf. People can also request a paper copy. Everything will explained in the Information Pack.

What information is collected?

The census collects information about individuals, their households and their homes. This information is collated and analysed and the first figures will be released next year. Billions of pounds of funding depend on the results of the census.

Is personal information safe?

Yes. Any information that is published following the census is fully anonymised. This year's census records will be held securely and will be released into the public domain in 2121 when they will be available for everyone to read.

Does everyone have to complete the census form?

Yes. It's a legal requirement to complete the census.

For more information visit census.gov.uk » Less

Posted: Tue, 16 Feb 2021 19:54 by Deputy Clerk

Elections 2021 - Postal Vote

The Government announced on Friday 5th February that the 2021 Elections will go ahead. Covid 19 precautions will be in place with social distancing, voters will be asked to wear masks and bring their own pen or pencil to use.

If you would prefer to vote by postal vote please apply as soon as possible to South Northants Council either via email elections@southnorthants.gov.uk or telephone 01327 322128. The earlier you apply the earlier you will receive your postal vote. This may be a better option for those shielding or not comfortable visiting polling stations at this time.

Posted: Sat, 06 Feb 2021 19:32 by Deputy Clerk